Ashley Wagner: "My first Senior Nationals was very memorable"

Interview by Vladislav Luchianov

Ashley Wagner is the 2008 U.S. bronze medalist and a two-time World Junior bronze medalist (2007, 2009). Took the bronze at the 2007 U.S. Championships as a junior. Won the silver at the 2006 Junior Grand Prix Final.

Ashley Wagner grew up in a military family; she was born in Germany and moved nine times while growing up. Began skating at age 5 in Eagle River, Alaska. Participated in the Basic Skills Program in 1996. Was on the Academic Honor Roll and a member of the National Junior Honor Society in high school. 

Takes classes at Northern Virginia Community College. Her mom is an elementary school teacher, and Wagner often speaks at community school events. Volunteers for “Reading Night,” “Sports Night” and “Career Night”. Along with her family, supports the USO, Make-A-Wish Foundation and Love Our Children USA, a nonprofit dedicated to preventing child abuse. Enjoys working with children,often helping with local learn-to-skate programs.

VLAD: Hello Ashley! I’m very glad you’ve found time for the interview for the World Figure Skating edition. First of all I’d like to congratulate you on your excellent inspirational skating at the Grand Prix competitions!

ASHLEY: Thank you! I’m glad to accept your offer.

- Ashley,when did you feel first time you want to be a figure skater?

- I started skating when I was five years old. Many kids at my school figure skated, and I wanted to fit it so that is how I started.

- What was the most difficult in learning figure skating in your childhood?

- It was hard for me to learn my double axel. It took me four years to learn it, and I almost quit before I got it.

- It must be not easy to combine study and skating,isn’t it?

- For me, school provides balance in my life, so it is easy to make time for it. If I only have skating in my life it can be stressful, but school takes my mind away from skating.

- About how much time does your training take you in a week?

- I train 6 days a week, about 3 or 4 hours on the ice and 2 off of the ice.

- What competition are still memorized in your career?

- My first Senior Nationals was very memorable because I skated so well and I didn’t expect to place, but I did. I was very happy with my skate.

- The history of figure skating has a lot of great skaters. Who is your favorite?

- My favorite skater is Tara Lipinski. I have always looked up to her since she won the Olympics, and now she is also my mentor.

- You increase your mastery every season. Who is your main inspirer?

- I am inspired by the perfect version of myself that I have in my head, I hope to one day become like that, so that is what drives me.

- I think you didn’t have a lot of free time. But what is your main hobby?

- I love to read and watch “The Office”, a TV show in the US.

- Which ice-arena is the most comfortable for you?

- Any arena!

- What is your main dream?

- My main dream is to become Olympic champion day, and I hope I will be able to accomplish that.

- Once again thank you very much for the interview! First,I wish you good health. Also,a great performance at the US National Championships! We will be waiting for your skating at the Olympics!

- Thank you! I’ll try my best.

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