Elena Glebova: "I was a happy child"

Interview by Vladislav Luchianov

VLAD: Good day Elena! I’m glad you’ve found time for the interview for our edition. In the first place I’d like to congratulate you on your excellent performance at Skate America.

ELENA: Thank you! I’m glad to accept your offer.

- Elena, you started figure skating when you were a child.Can you think back to that period?

- Yes, I can. I started figure skating when I was five years old and I think I was happy as a child thanks to it, then when I was a little girl I could travel and get to know new places. It was great! When we used to go out for practice sessions it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t just about arriving, performing and coming back. We used to be very excited. Also, when we made progress in some new elements, it was so much joy! By the way, failures strengthened our characters, as well.

- What was the most difficult in learning figure skating in your childhood?

- I can’t name anything concrete because the most things were learned in my childhood, when you didn’t use to think too much but to do what your trainers said and so I succeeded step-by-step. Year in year out we had something new.

- As far I know you are still studying at the university. It must be difficult to combine study and skating, isn’t it?

- I manage it somehow. I don’t know myself how I manage it. It happens to miss lectures but I’m trying to hand in my work on time.

- For athletes it is an usual thing to travel from a country to another to the competitions. How do you take long distances?

- Well, with the lapse of time I started to hate flights because it takes so much time. But generally, when I’m at the competitions I love those moments very much. I always go with a big desire. And when I’m home I look forward to new ones. It is also an opportunity to see my friends.

- About how much time does your training take you in a week?

- Four hours a day. Six days a week that is twenty-four hours. That’s minimum.

- You have a sporty family. Do you discuss the competiotions with your brother?

- It happens very seldom but when it happens it’s really by reason. When my brother tells me something I usually consider it.

- Which ice-arena is the most comfortable for you?

- In Japan. The public is very good-natured there, it’s nice to perform there. They are really good at it. You really feel positive energy. They know very much about figure skating. Their support helps everybody. For example, even if a training is at 6 in the morning, when you arrive, the stands are already full.

- You are the best figure skater in Estonia. What’s it like to be the first in your own country?

- It is honourable, of course. I understand that my country isn’t very big therefore the competition isn’t as big as for example in America, but if I wasn’t the best I couldn’t go to competitions.For example,from the USA can come three girls and from ours only one. So you have to be exclusively the best.

- The Olympic games are on the doorstep. Are you nervous?

- Not really. Not yet. I think I’ll be nervous with a minute before coming out on the ice. My very first objective now is a successful performance at the European Championships, that for the first time will take place in my country, in Estonia. I don’t know for sure which of these competitions is more important for me.

- What is your main dream?

- Oh, it’s a difficult question. Perhaps it is banal to say about winning the Olympics. It is clear, anyone would dream of it. But you have to take a realistic view of things and I understand that it is impossible for me now to achieve it. I don’t know how is it going to be at the next Olympics. It is impossible now, so I don’t think about it. But generally, there are many different wishes in my life. I can’t pick out one.

- When do we see you on the ice again (the nearest competition)?

- The nearest one is the Championship of Estonia. And then the European Championships. And the Olympics, of course.

- You increase steadily in your mastery. Who is your main inspirer? Trainer?

- I think I simply define the right goals and year after year I try to reach them. I think my adversaries inspire me, then the examples are in front of you. You see them making progress and you understand you’re not worse and you can do the same.

- Elena, thank you very much for the interview! First, I wish you good health. Also, a great performance at the National and European Championships! Successful training for the Olympics! We will be supporting you!

- Thank you very much, too! It was nice to talk to you!

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