Angela Maxwell: ”I love performing”

Interview by Vladislav Luchianov

Angela Maxwell
Born: July 28, 1992
Birthplace: Arlington, Texas
Height: 4′ 11″
Level: Senior
Hometown: Hurst, Texas
Training Town: Hackensack, N.J.
Club: SC of New York
Coach: Olga Orlova
Choreographer: Olga Orlova

Angela is the 2007 U.S. novice champion and 2008 U.S. junior silver medalist. She started skating at the age of 6 because it looked like fun and wanted to try. Participated in the Basic Skills Program. Volunteers for test sessions at her skating club every month. Says she is a big animal lover and supports any cause that tries to save them. Hobbies include listening to her iPod, cutting her own music, playing video games, hanging out with her friends and playing with her pets. Her favorite foreign country to travel to is Japan. Has a passion for animals. Biggest life-defining moment was winning the U.S. novice title and participating in the exhibition with the champions. After skating, she would like to go to college and become a forensic scientist.

VLAD: Hi Angela! Thanks for accepting our invitation!

ANGELA: Thank you too!

- Angela,when did you feel first time you want to be a figure skater?

- Probably after I did my very first competition when I was young. I had so much fun and loved to perform in front of people.

- What was the most difficult in learning figure skating basics for you?

- Surprisingly the backward crossover. I failed it three times when I was in skating school.

- How do you manage your time between skating,school,free time?

- It’s very difficult to manage but I do schoolwork in between sessions and on the weekends is when I get to have my free time.

- How many hours per week do you train?

- Per week probably around 10 hours on the ice.

- You are one of the very good US skaters. Is it because of your hard work on the trainings?

- Oh thank you! Hard work of course is imperative, but I think what sets me apart is I love performing and entertaining the crowd. That is more important to me than to just place.

- For athletes it is an usual thing to travel from country to another to the competitions. How do you take long distances?

- I actually love traveling. I think it’s one of the best aspects of this sport. I mean it’s a bit tiring, but it’s so worth it!

- What competition are still memorized in your career?

- Probably the 2007 US novice nationals when I won. It was so unexpected for me, and I was so happy.

- The history of figure skating has a lot of great skaters. Who is your favorite?

- I think I have too many favorites. Although surprisingly, I don’t really watch too much skating.

- Which ice rink is the most comfortable for you?

- Well to me, ice is ice so anywhere that has ice is okay.

- What is your main dream in figure skating?

- I just want to continue to entertain the crowd, and try to improve as much as I can. I hope one day I can influence people to be different and step out of the box. It’s good to be unique. 

- Thank you very much for the interview! Good luck!

- Thank you!

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