Candice Didier: ”I love everything in skating”

Interview by Vladislav Luchianov

Date of birth: 15.01.1988
Place of birth: Strasbourg
Height: 171 cm
Home town: Paris
Profession: student
Hobbies: music, dance
Start sk. / Club: 1994 / CPHNL Nancy
Coach: Katia Krier Beyer
Choreographer: Dominique Molina

- Good day Candice! Thanks for accepting our invitation!

- Thank you too!

- When did you feel first time you want to skate?

- When I was about 6 years old, I was dancing on the coffee table while my parents watched skating on TV. And they took me to the rink. I fell all the time but I wanted to do figure skating and to being a skater.

- What motivates you go to the rink day after day and train for a long hours?

- I want to make progress every day a little more.

- What competition are still memorized in your career?

- Maybe at the worlds in Los Angeles when I fell, I went back on the ice and everybody in the Staples Center stood up. I was very impressed. And at the French Championships in December 2008 when I won the title.

- French skating style is very artistic.What do you think it’s because of what?

- Actually, French people are creative in fashion, cinema and ice skating. Philippe Candeloro began to create characters for these programs and other French skaters continued to have a very artistic side.

- What is your favorite part of skating? What is your favorite jump/element to perform and which do you feel is the most difficult?

- My favorite part of skating is jump. I love that but I love everything in skating. My best jump is Toe Loop and the most difficult, depends of the day. Ahah !

- Outside of skating, is there something you enjoy doing, or do you have any hobbies?

- I like listening to music, shopping and dancing. I love spending time with my family and friends.

- And who of the international athletes is your Number 1?

- My favorite skaters are Yu-Na Kim and Sasha Cohen. There are my models.

- What do you think your future holds after you retire from eligible skating? Do you think you’ll ever work as a coach or choreographer?

- I want to be a coach to teach children. Also I want to be a physiotherapist too.

- What are your main goals in skating?

- Skate the best I can. Try to improve as much as I can. And to live in my passion. My dream is to compete at the Olympic Games (Sochi 2014)

- Candice, Thank you very much for taking out the time to answer questions!I wish you all the best in your skating career!

- Thank you very much!

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