Tatiana Volosozhar & Stanislav Morozov: ”We like any ice arena”

Interview by Vladislav Luchianov

Tatiana Volosozhar
Born: May 22, 1986
Birthplace: Dnepropetrovsk
Height: 5′ 3″
Level: Senior
Hometown: Kiev,Ukraine
Training town:Chemnitz,Germany
Stanislav Morozov
Born: February 1, 1979
Birthplace: Ekaterinenburg
Height: 6′ 2″
Level: Senior
Hometown: Kiev,Ukraine
Training town:Chemnitz,Germany
Coach: Ingo Steuer
Choreographer: Ingo Steuer

VLAD: Good day Tatiana,Hello Stanislav! I’m glad you’ve found time for the interview for our edition.

TATIANA/STANISLAV: Thank you!We’re glad to accept your offer.

VLAD: Tatiana/Stanislav you started figure skating when you were children. Can you think back to that period?

TATIANA: Yes, I can. I remember my first school years in Dnepropetrovsk. Our elementary school situated near the “Meteor” ice rink. It was sports school, so all kids had a lot of time for skating. We had two trainings each day and between that we spent a lot of time skating and running round the ice. It was very nice time. The “big ice” was just a great dream for us in that time.

STANISLAV: I remember my sports travels with my father, my first steps on the ice when I was 4-5 years old. You know my father is a very busy coach, so I began skating with chair-).It was my first experience as a pair skater.

VLAD: How did you manage your skating classes, friends, free time?

TATIANA: My school time was on ice, so I combined those things very well. All my friends studied and skated with me.

STANISLAV: It was no problem to manage my time. I had time for anything: to have a talk with my friends and to have a good school results. I left for Kyiv when I was 15. I think if I’d stayed there any longer I’d finish school with the best result.

VLAD: About how do you take long distances?

TATIANA/STANISLAV: We think all athletes meet with acclimatization. At Gran Prix we try to arrive nearby from the start of competitions. And for the World championships or others great competitions we prefer to have a few days in reserve.

VLAD: When you skating on the ice it looks like great combination of musical harmony,technique,beauty. How do you make it?

TATIANA/STANISLAV: It’s just because of make-up-). I’m kidding (lol). Of course everything comes with experience. I have 19 years of skating,and Stanislav 26! When we’re on the ice it is important not only as we carry out the elements, but our appearance,movements,costumes,  make-up. We work not only on the ice also there are ballet and physical trainings. In figure skating has a lot of important factors,as you look and as you speak and many others. Of this sum all of our image.

VLAD: How much time does your training take you?

TATIANA/STANISLAV: Half a life!-) We train every day,twice a day.And we have only one day off,Sunday. For us, figure skating is a favorite work.

VLAD: European Championships and the Olympics are on the doorstep. Are you nervous?

TATIANA/STANISLAV: We think any athlete is nervous before every start. This is normal.After all,in the front of a very important and serious events everyone wants to show the maximum.

VLAD: What would you like to achieve in figure skating?

TATIANA/STANISLAV: There is nothing better for an athlete than achieving a good result. Of course we want to be in the top three strongest at the European Championships. As for the Olympics,need to skate clean,and there will already as the judges decide.

VLAD: Which ice rink is the most comfortable for you?

TATIANA: Actually we like any ice arena. The main thing for me it’s a warm friendly atmosphere on the stands. I remember the World Champoinships 2007 in Japan. It was really very good organization. And the ice rink was very comfortable.

STANISLAV: Here, in Chemnitz, we have very good skating conditions and we have all that is necessary.

VLAD: How do you prefer to spend your day off?

TATIANA: Since we have only one day off I prefer to stay at home, do household. I love cooking when I’m in a good mood-). Also I like to communicate with friends. Sometimes we go for a walk with our Swiss friends Anais Morand and Antoine Dorsaz. Also we love all together to go to the Mexican restaurant.

STANISLAV: I really like playing Russian pool,but unfortunately here in Chemnitz it hasn’t got.

VLAD: How do you getting ready before competitions?

TATIANA/STANISLAV: Of course we concentrate, we are preparing to the launch severally. We don’t have some magic words that we repeat. When we’re on the ice, we’re the unity of purpose. Together with our coach, who stands with us at the rink board-).

VLAD: Tatiana/Stanislav, thank you very much for the interview! I wish you a great performance at the European Championships! Also we will be waiting for your beautiful skating at the Olympics!

TATIANA/STANISLAV: Thank you very much,Vladislav!

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