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Yu-Na Queen

Yu-Na Kim has the Gold. You can love her or not but she is the best. The girl who did a record score in the modern figure skating. It was just great! I don’t think that someone can beat this fantastic score soon. She perfectly represented her country at the Olympics. I’m sure,now in Korea, is the great celebration. She has a not easy way for this medal – from trainings on public rinks to the Olympic podium. Also Brian Orser deserve just best compliments for his great job with such talented skater.

Mao Asada is the Silver medalist. She demonstated a great wish for taking this medal. Great artistry and very strong technique. Also she has a very good psychological preparation for the main competitions. It’s a very good quality. Japan’s skating traditions develops with a very big speed.

Joannie Rochette-The Medal of our hearts

She is the strongest lady I ever seen. She compete after the big tragedy and she does it great. I think there aren’t someone who watched her wonderful performance tearless. All of us cried with Joannie. All Pacific Colliseum supported her. I have to say just best words to Canadians. You demonstrated your soul which is really brilliant. Joannie is the great skater but what she did tonight called the big courage. Only Joannie knows how hard it was. It was skating in remembrance with all emotions she suffered last days. No matter what will be the final result. Joannie already has the medal of our hearts forever. Thank you for yourself, Joannie!

The Ice Dancing Kingdom of Marina Zueva and Igor Shpilband

The Olympic ice dancing event is over. Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir (Canada) are the Gold medalists. Meryl Davis and Charlie White (U.S.A.) are the Silver and Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin (Russia) are the Bronze. Congratulations to all medalists and to all ice dancers for their skating,great performances and for the real celebration on the ice!

The Olympic Champions’ and Olympic silver medalists’ coaches Marina Zueva and Igor Shpilband can be named as the best coaches of Vancouver Olympics. They did fantastic work with their athletes.

They have an unfailing source of new ideas, talents, capacity for ice work. Every their work is the art.
Also they do a perfect training conditions for their skaters. Meryl Davis (I interviewed her in December, last year) told about Marina and Igor: ”Marina Zueva and Igor Shpilband have been our coaches for years now, and we feel that they have really enhanced our skating and love for the sport. Both Marina and Igor are so talented and passionate about skating, the technique and artistry combined, that it is a true joy to work with them, and we feel very blessed.”
Also Meryl said that their training atmosphere is really ideal. Marina and Igor are not only great coaches but also great trainers. They motivate and inspire skaters on a daily basis.

The art on the ice

The original dance program was a great exhibition of the folk arts. I could not tear myself away from the ice. So many wonderful ice dancers. For all of them we have to say great thank you. Also it was a very educational event. We saw a lot of different national traditions. It’s very good for understanding how interesting,nice and specific our world is.

When you watch the “Tarantella” from Italians Federica Faiella and Massimo Scali your mind goes to Italy, to the great Italian province with its culture. It’s like you are in the some of South Italian celebrations.
Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White and Canadians Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir demonstrated us one of their greatest performances.

What a brilliant Indian and Spanish dances! Full of expression, perfect choreography, grandiose technique! These ice dancers deserve only best words for their skating. Their performances must be added to many educational materials of skating worldwide. This is the real best creativity on the ice!

Evan Lysacek – Historical victory for the team U.S.A.

Evan did it! This was my first emotion after his skating. His program was awesome. Great technique, artistry, music presentation and many over things. A lot of time US hadn’t the gold Olympic medal. Evan brought it for his country! And he did it in fantastic style. It was a long way to him -World Champion,Grand Prix Champion and now the Olympic Champion.

Her skating also showed us the true American spirit. Despite the pressure,Olympic nervs,over competitors. He expressed himself fully. He demonstated his great wish for winning. This man is really great part of his great country. Historical people are the people who invest their talents in the country history. Evan Lysacek did it. No doubts.

The United States have a great sports traditions. One of the main of them are to fight to the finish. This means to show your sporting character, to show attitude in the fight, to show your brave. Once again congratulations Evan on your excellent performance!

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