Evan Lysacek -The Hero of the day

Men’s short program, gave us many wonderful feelings. Real Olympic Games with the real Olympic fight.

Personally, I was deeply touched after the skating of Evan Lysacek. After his amazing skating I had tears along with him. He made the heroic deed. He really did it! Despite injuries, pain, and strong competitors, he skated just great! Fought from the beginning of the program until the end. He showed a real fighting spirit, which is the true American. That was the Olympic skating!I wish Evan best of luck in the long program!

Evgeni Plushenko once again demonstrated to all how need to be prepared for the Olympics. Perfect skating, almost without mistakes, a powerful application for the first place.

Japanese skaters I think are more than just ambitious. Great points combined with a great skating level show us their delightful potential for the next program.

In my opinion the most artistic performance showed Johnny Weir. He showed an excellent technique too. Bravo! But I disagree with his low points. It’s absolutely wrong. Stephane Lambiel also famous for his artistry, but he made some mistakes. If to be objective, Johnny Weir had to be higher in the standings.
Brian Joubert unfortunately wasn’t ready for this Olympics. It’s difficult to say what are his problems but his weak skating said that they are.

Generally, I think the long program will be with a lot of struggle, fantastic skating performances and with a lot of positive emotions. Good luck to every skater! Try your best!

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