Evan Lysacek – Historical victory for the team U.S.A.

Evan did it! This was my first emotion after his skating. His program was awesome. Great technique, artistry, music presentation and many over things. A lot of time US hadn’t the gold Olympic medal. Evan brought it for his country! And he did it in fantastic style. It was a long way to him -World Champion,Grand Prix Champion and now the Olympic Champion.

Her skating also showed us the true American spirit. Despite the pressure,Olympic nervs,over competitors. He expressed himself fully. He demonstated his great wish for winning. This man is really great part of his great country. Historical people are the people who invest their talents in the country history. Evan Lysacek did it. No doubts.

The United States have a great sports traditions. One of the main of them are to fight to the finish. This means to show your sporting character, to show attitude in the fight, to show your brave. Once again congratulations Evan on your excellent performance!

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