Jessica Dube: "I love the throws and the lifts"

Interview by Vladislav Luchianov

Date of birth: 29.10.1987
Place of birth: Drummondville, QC
Height: 145 cm
Home town: St. Cyrille de Wendover, QC
Profession: student
Hobbies: shopping, photography
Start sk. / Club: 1992 / CPA Drummondville
Partner:Bryce Davison
Coach: Annie Barabe, Sophie Richard, Y. Desjardins
Choreographer: David Wilson, Lori Nichol

VLAD: Hello Jessica and welcome!

JESSICA: Thank you!

- When did you decide to be a pair skater?

- I don’t really remember when I decided that I wanted to skate pairs. I’ve always liked watching pair and one Day my coaches decided to make me skate with my first partner, Samuel Tetreault.

- In your opinion,what is the most difficult in the pair skating?

- I think that it changes from person to person but for me I would say that the Twist is the harder element.

- Your technique is perfectly combined with the artistry. How difficult is to achieve it?

- It is natural for us…

- What are your favorite elements?

- I love the throws and the lifts….Actually I like everything.

- What is your goals for the Olympics?

- Bryce and I and to step on the podium!

- About how much time does your training take you?

- 3 hours on the ice + lots of off ice (gym, streching…)

- How do you prefer to spend your day off?

- I like to just relax, go see my familly and spend time with them. Go shopping:):)

- Thank you,Jessica!All the best at the Olympics!

- Thank you too!

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