Kiri Baga-Excellent jumps combined with the perfect artistry

Today I’d like to talk about the US Junior skater Kiri Baga. Why about her? Well,during these Olympics there are a lot of talkings about what’s the better in the modern figure skating-artistry or athletic skills.
In my opinion one of the most promising US skaters Kiri demonstate the perfect combination of those two things(at her level). First time I seen her at the Junior Grand Prix Final last year. I watched one performance by one as neutral. But it was so before Kiri’s skating program. You know there are some skaters who take your attention from the first second. Kiri is so.
She is the skater who,despite her junior level,can be compared with some senior skaters. Why? Because her amazing energy goes directly to every person who watch her skating. She has a very powerful jumps and I’m sure she will improve them to the highest level. But the most important thing is how she combine her athletic level with her artistry. She does it very well.
She just at the Junior level but she already knows how important is to express your personality through artistry and also make a good technique.
I’m sure she is the US hopeful for the next Olympics. Every her step shows us how every skating element is important for her.
For Kiri there isn’t just one most important element. That’s why it’s so spectacular to watch her skating performances.
Of course there are many modern senior skaters who do the same. I just would like to pick Kiri’s skating style as one of the very good examples,and also because she already has this perfect combination at the Junior level.

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