Let’s support our skaters

Today, in one blog, I read that Alissa Czisny will change her coach. I don’t know this is so or not. Anyway, it’s her decision and only she knows that is better for her. But I would like to talk about another thing.

It’s no secret that Alissa has not an easy time. But I think that sometimes we just forget about those people who just recently gave us bouquets of enthusiastic emotions. In my opinion she is one of the most artistic skaters, not only in the U.S. but also worldwide. I don’t think it’s so good that currently artistry is valued not so high as it was before. She is still young and I’m sure she will make us happy with her skating. Today we talking a lot of new top skaters. It’s normal but we must not forget those who have now not an easy period. This is called respect. We must support the skaters and talk about them not only when they win. I am sure that they feel every our emotion.

Very often the words of support after the failure mean much more than after victories. And skaters know that. There are a lot of different moments during the skater’s career but the constant sincere support is remembered forever. So let’s support our skaters always. They deserve great words because of their everyday’s hard work.

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