Thanks Vancouver for the great show!

Passion, creativity,the artistic joy are the components that inspired the conception and production of the Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremony. Passion as fervour, sincere love for the beauty. Great style ,artistry, taste and an eye for any detail. Grandiose show of fashion design, style, and art.

Inspiration as the motivation of the nice sports gesture, as the drive to discover, to experiment and to reach out for the new. A team with highly professionalism who has given life to dynamic and engaging show, which alternated moments of visual suggestion and mass choreographies never before seen in Olympic ceremonies, beautiful costumes and luxurious apparel structures. These and many more things gave life to an especial Canadian event, whose conception and creation was assigned to a big staff of directors, choreographers, costume designers and professionals of international levels.

The Ceremony organisers wanted to transform this important official passage into a touching tribute to beauty, Canadian sports gestures and style. It was really great celebration.

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