Daily Archives: 26 March 2010

Torino 2010 – Ladies’ Short program

Mirai Nagasu Results:

1.Mirai Nagasu(USA)-70.40

2.Mao Asada(Japan)-68.08

3.Laura Lepisto(Finland)-64.30

4.Carolina Kostner(Italy)-62.20

5.Ksenia Makarova(Russia)-62.06

I think we have a big sensation. Yu-Na-Kim isn’t in a leadership. First thoughts – it’s unbelievable. But Yu-Na-Kim isn’t a robot as some people think. She had a very difficult season and these mistakes because of tiredness I think.

Torino 2010 – Men’s Free skate

Daisuke Takahashi Results:

1.Daisuke Takahashi(Japan)-257.70

2.Patrick Chan(Canada)-247.22

3.Brian Joubert(France)-241.44

4.Michal Brezina(Czech Rep.)-236.06

5.Jeremy Abbott(USA)-232.10

I’m very happy for Brian Joubert. Finally he is on the way to his best conditions. This man is full of different emotions and sometimes these things prevent him in figure skating events. But from now I hope we will see only real Brian Joubert on the ice. He can do practically all difficult elements and components. And his presentation don’t need comments.

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