Adam Rippon – from the Juniors to the Worlds

This guy can become a big surprise at the World Championship. He go there as an alternate but when I watch how he skates I think that Adam can win a medal and then ask:”Whose medal is this? My?!!!”-)

This very gentle person has already very good results this season. The World Championships in Torino can be as a springboard for him.Adam Rippon is prepared very well. His arsenal consists of very good technique elements. And his artistry is always perfect.

One more thing,he trains on the one ice rink with the Olympic Gold medalist Yu-Na-Kim. I’m sure that such a pleasant heighbourhood supports him psychologically. A lot of us knows that Yu-Na-Kim has the iron discipline on her trainings. And I think Adam has it too.And this thing on the ice makes him focused just on figure skating.

His coach,Brian Orser,is the great professional. The combination of all these factors gives Adam the right way to progress. Good luck Adam in Torino!

In addition I would like to say one motto which could be the main for every member of Brian Orser team.

“Good,better,bestNever,never rest‘Till your good is betterAnd your better best!”

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