Ashley Wagner withdrew from the 2010 World Junior Championships

Ashley won’t be at the Junior Worlds. And I understand her decision. I can’t understand why some internet writers try to open a big discussion about it.
She explained all very clear. Of course it’s difficult to train both programs-for Junior Worlds and for the Senior Worlds(Ashley is first alternate). Also her coach,Priscilla Hill was at the Olympics with the Austrian skater. So during the Olympics she was without her coach.
The over important thing is that Ashley feel uncomfortable to be prepared for the both competitions. As I know she is the person who always defines the goal and fight for it. But how to do that, if she has two different roads-Juniors and Worlds? Definitely that situation can disorganize any athlete.
This season was very good for her-second place at the Rostelecom Cup in Moscow,Russia;third place at the NHK Trophy in Nagano,Japan;fouth place at the Grand Prix Final in the Tokyo,Japan and third place at the U.S.National Championships in Spokane,Wash. In my opinion she had a very good season. Ashley work hard and increase steadily her mastery.Look forward to watch her new programs in the next season.

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