Federica Faiella & Massimo Scali: ”We would love to give a medal to our fans”

Interview by Vladislav Luchianov

Our today’s special guests are great ice dancers, big creators, wonderful people-Federica Faiella and Massimo Scali.
I think everyone who related, interested in figure skating loves them. They have their own unique charming style.
They have sincere emotions in every dance. And they inspire our souls constantly. I would like to present you the interview with them. Massimo Scali speaks English fluently, so he answered for both of them.

VLAD: Hello Massimo! Thank you very much for taking out the time to answer questions!

MASSIMO: Thank you too!

- Massimo, my first question is about your thoughts of the Vancouver Olympics. What impressions do you have after them?

- This experience was just great for us! Before leaving Philadelphia all we said that we will enjoy every second of it, in and off the competition and we did!! We were very confident on the ice and the Organization, the City, the village, everything was amazing there.

- And what were the most delightful Olympic moments for you?

- Well , I think that personally be in the top 5 at the Olympic was a pretty delightful moment for us.:-)

- Your OD and FD are full of Italian emotions, feelings and with national character. Is that difficult to demonstrate your national culture through dance or it is not so?

- It’s not hard for us because we have all the colors, emotions and feelings of our country in our blood,  specially in the Tarantella, it’s a lot of fun.

- How did you choose your music? How did you find it?

- We thought that for an Olympic season was important to show to the World the Italian culture and what our country means for us. And the free dance with the Immigrant fits perfectly also with our life story.

- Do you have a favorite music style? And what do you prefer to listen in your free time?

- I love any kind of music, from classic to house music, it just depends of my mood.

- Where does your inspiration comes from?

- I always had an artistic soul since when I was a kid,I just like to create. I’m always so excited at the beginning of the season when we have to work on the new programs.

- How much time do you need to create a full program – from the first step to the  final one?

- If you have the right idea and inspiration everything works just so perfectly, like the program of this season, that it took just couple of weeks to create the structure of the program.

- What do you expect from the World Championships which will be in your country next week?

- We know that we have a good chance there to medal and we will go for it.

- What does it mean for you?

- It will mean a lot for us!! This season was great and we would love to give a World medal to our fans that always love and support us.

- What is next for your great pair?

- Next plan is a beautiful vacation ahahaha and then thinking to keep going for at least another year.

- Thank you very much for the interview! Best of luck at the World Championships!

- Thank you, Vlad!

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