Italian Renaissance on Ice

If you would like to know about Italian culture,arts,traditions,then the first thing you have to do it’s watching Federica Faiella and Massimo Scali performances. They are not only just great Italian ice dancers but they are also a big part of the great Italian culture.
Every their performance is the great story. The story of love,joy,sadness,parting,meeting. It’s impossible to describe all their creativity using words. Need to see that. Need to feel that. Need to open your hearts as Federica and Massimo do it. True feelings on the ice in each step,movement,gesture. I have to say that I like Italian culture very much. But their skating it’s something more. They feel dances with whole their souls.
They can be compared with the famous Italians of the Renaissance-the same full deep of creation. No matter any official points when they are on the ice. One of the latest their performance is “Immigrants” by Nino Rota music. I’m sure it impressed everyone. They described perfectly the one of the dramatic pages of the Italian history.
I don’t know will they compete at the next competitions or not,but I would like to say them all thankful words for their artistry,mastery and feelings. Federica and Massimo are much more than just skaters. They are the real artists on the ice.
In addition I’d like to invite you to watch this video.
Just listen this great music
Nino Rota,”Immigrant”
Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of San Marino

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