Kiri Baga – Definitely ready to fight

Interview by Vladislav Luchianov

Today our special guest is Kiri Baga. The lady who will represent Team USA at the World Junior Championships in Hague, Netherlands. She is not only very good skater but she is also very good and polite person. In spite of her busyness,she always accepts our interview offers.

- Hello Kiri and thank you for taking out the time to answer my questions!

KIRI: Thank you too!

- Kiri,was it a great surprise then you found out that you go to the Junior Worlds?

- It was definitely a surprise when I found out I was competing. But since I knew I was the first alternate, I had been training quite hard before I got the call.

- Was it difficult to change your skating schedule so unexpectedly?

- It wasn’t too difficult. The planning was a little hectic, but I’m so excited I get to do this!

- Did you change something in your skating programs specially for this event?

- Yes. Actually I got a new long program after Nationals that I’m excited to debut in the Netherlands.

- About who do you think will be your main competitors there?

- I know that there are many great skaters that will be at Junior Worlds. I’m not really focused on my competitors though. It was a goal of mine to get this opportunity next year, so this year I’m going to soak it all in and just do my best.

- As I know you are always ready to fight. Is that true?

- Definitely. This is my first year as a Junior, and things haven’t gone perfectly, but I’ll fight no matter what.

- What results do you expect to come from these Championships?

- I don’t really have expectations placement wise, since this is my first time. I’ll be proud of myself if I skate well, and that’s all that I’m focusing on right now.

- Kiri, I wish you best of luck in the Netherlands! Enjoy your skating!

- Thank you!

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