The New York Times invented a new skating judging system based on babies opinions

In the Jo Ann’s Figure Skating Blog I read a very interesting article. Ann Schneider blog belongs to the New York Times Company. I recommend you to read that story. She critics Joannie Rochette bronze medal at the Vancouver Olympics just because she and her daughter are Rachael Flatt fans. Hmm.
First I have to say I’m a Team USA supporter too. Also I like Rachael Flatt. And I’m happy that she is the U.S .National Champion this year. Mrs.Schneider, I have to say I don’t think Rachael will like your article. You wrote about Rachael’s very low points at the Olympics. If I was guided by supporter’s emotions then I have been agree with you. As I’m an objective writer I don’t agree with you. I’m sure Rachael Flatt has the same opinion as me. You wrote you are the member of Broadmoor Skating Club and you know Rachael very well. OK,maybe. So your article isn’t an objective. Your concept looks like some situation in a baby shop:”I want this Barby!,I want this video game!,I want the medal!”.
Rachael Flatt is a very good skater,great person,one of the most kind people I know. And she knows what is her best skate and what is not. She’s young and I don’t think her result at the Olympics was bad. There were a lot of strong competitors around the globe. And she tried to skate as she can.
No doubts about Joannie Rochette medal-she skated her best despite the personal tragedy. Majority of skating specialists agree with her result. It was very well skating by technique,components and artistry.
Why Mrs.Scneider don’t write about not very good selection system in the USFSA? Why majority of media all pre-olympic year promoted so much Sasha Cohen and forgot about others great U.S. skaters ,include last year Champion Alissa Czisny? Why Ashley Wagner,who working hard on the ice every day,competed at every skating competition couldn’t represent U.S. at the Olympics?
We must think about how to improve figure skating. It’s wrong way when our personal emotions rules our mind.

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