Rachael Flatt – skating, study and charity

Our today’s article is about the current US National Champion Rachael Flatt. When you see her at the first time,she looks like usual girl. But it’s not so.
There are people who can be called hard workers. It’s about her. Sometimes I think that she works 24 hours. She works hard on the ice,in the classroom and in many charity programs. She really delight me.
Rachael is so young but she already did a lot of wonderful things. Things which helps people. She performs in skating shows which fight against illnesses. Rachael is a member of one organization which make a popularization of reading books. She is a perfect daughter who helps her mother with domestic chores.
Also Rachel Flatt like study. She is a very educated person. I was very happy to know she entered to the Stanford University. I’m sure it was a great reward to her and she’s absolutely deserve it. She can be a great role model for young people. A lot of them just watch TV,walk on the streets,smoking and so on. They think that reading is boring. Really? I’d like to ask them did they read just one good book?
Reading is the direct way to a personal culture. It’s like music or theatre. These things helps Rachael in a sporting life. She can feel and present very well music because of high cultural level. The culture helps in a real life and Rachael shows us how it works.
So,Rachael Flatt is the wonderful skater,great student,very kind,polite and educated person. Isn’t it an american dream? I think it is.

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