Ryan Bradley – Baroque style theatre

Ryan Bradley
Again majority of media talks just about some top skaters……Ice shows,TV shows,Talk shows. And again I would like to write not only about them. Actually-ice shows it’s just a very small part of figure skating world. And not the most important.

Ryan Bradley, in my opinion,deserve our attention too. I like very much his skating style. He’s an actor. He is the big actor. And he is the actor with a good and long experience. When I watched his “Baroque era” at the U.S.Nationals this year I really seen baroque style on the ice. The style without any extras.He skated like he steps on some musical strings with a great elegance.

Ryan Bradley looks very much like some very good actor in the Broadway Theatre. He never overdoes his performances. Some top skaters very often perform with too much extras, but not Ryan. Maybe it’s because of his years of experience,but I think it’s also because he feels the music by his soul. And he knows where is the beginning of a performance,where is the culmination,and where is the finish. No unnecessary extras.

That’s why I compare him with actors in theatre. Maybe he doesn’t counts like a big contender for a medal at the World Championships in Torino but anyway people like his skating performances. It’s like to visit the beautiful play in the theatre.

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