Torino 2010 – Ladies Free skate

Laura Lepisto Results:

1.Mao Asada(Japan)-197.58

2.Yu-Na Kim(Korea)-190.79

3.Laura Lepisto(Finland)-178.62

4.Miki Ando(Japan)-177.82

5.Cynthia Phaneuf(Canada)-177.54

Mao Asada won the World Championships Gold. She skated good, clean, like in manual. She’s very good technician. About artistry there are some doubts. Anyway she did a great job. The same I can say about Yu-Na Kim. She jumped to a silver medal despite huge points distance and mistakes in both programs. Hmm. It’s no secret that officials loves her, sometimes they do it too much.

Just best compliments for Laura Lepisto. It was a long difficult way for her. She increase her mastery year by year. The bronze medal is a deserved result. She gave us a hope that the European skating will be develop to a better part.

Also I want to hope that in the next competitions ladies will demonstrate much more artistry, music interpretation,choreography. Figure skating doesn’t looks like any other sport. It’s the art too. I wish ladies don’t forget about it. The real figure skating is the mixture of technical skills and artistic vision. I don’t thing that just good technically made program looks nice. No, it doesn’t. People want to feel skaters on the ice,not just watching. I’m sure we will see figure skating going on the right way. Thanks so much to all! Now it’s time to you to take a time for holidays-)

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