Torino 2010 – Ladies’ Short program

Mirai Nagasu Results:

1.Mirai Nagasu(USA)-70.40

2.Mao Asada(Japan)-68.08

3.Laura Lepisto(Finland)-64.30

4.Carolina Kostner(Italy)-62.20

5.Ksenia Makarova(Russia)-62.06

I think we have a big sensation. Yu-Na-Kim isn’t in a leadership. First thoughts – it’s unbelievable. But Yu-Na-Kim isn’t a robot as some people think. She had a very difficult season and these mistakes because of tiredness I think.

Mirai Nagasu. I can’t understand how does she do it?-) This lady just flying on the ice. She just perfectly confirmed that she is the great fighter. Her technique is absolute but I have to say that her artistry is going up very fast in every competition. She’s very disciplined figure skater. This thing is very important in the modern skating.

Mao Asada. This girl delight us with her brilliant artistry. Mao Asada has great components in each program but this season she achieved a very high level of performing. Her collaboration with Tatiana Tarasova bear fruit.

Laura Lepisto skated one of the best her performances. I’m sure she will fight for the bronze with Carolina Kostner who made some little technical mistakes but her components are amazing as usual.

Ksenia Makarova is a big and very nice surprise of this World Championships. Her clean and very well program is very impressive.

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