Torino 2010 – Men’s Short program

Brian Joubert Results:

1.Daisuke Takahashi(Japan)-89.30

2.Patrick Chan(Canada)-87.80

3.Brian Joubert(France)-87.70

4.Takahiko Kozuka(Japan)-84.20

5.Michal Brezina(Czech Rep.)-81.75

I don’t know what to say after the men’s short program. Unfortunately last time figure skating judges create an impression that they want to say- “Dismiss us from figure skating, please!”

Brian Joubert came back and he did it really great. He did all elements and components of his amazing program: the perfect 4-3 combination, perfect spins, transitions and jumps. And also he did the program with his best artistry.

Yes, Daisuke Takahashi performed his very good Olympic program and Patrick Chan was amazing. But after I seen the result for Brian Joubert I would like to ask people who made this: ”Are you OK?!!!”. I think yes, they are. They know what they’re doing.Who knows, maybe they know it beforehand.

Jeremy Abbott, Samuel Contesti,Adam Rippon, guys, you did a great job! It was so nice to see your best skating. Just try to repeat it in the long program. Good luck to everyone!

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