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Rachael Flatt: “I love helping people”

Rachael Flatt Interview by Vladislav Luchianov

Today we are talking with the U.S. National Champion, Olympic team member Rachael Flatt.

Rachael is the 2010 U. S. National Champion, National silver medalist 2008&2009, and 2008 World Junior Champion.

This year she was nominated to represent the United States at the Vancouver Olympics, and she came there in 7th place.

Rachael was ranked 9th in the World Figure Skating Championships 2010 in Torino, Italy.

She is a volunteer with the “learn-to-skate” program at the Broadmoor Skating Club. Her charity activity is really impressive: Blades for the Cure, special programs for popularize reading, membership in different organizations which fight against illnesses and many others.

VLAD: Hi Rachael! Thank you very much for acceptance my interview offer! First of all I would like to congratulate you on your excellent season! And what do you think about your skating year?

RACHAEL: Thanks! It was incredibly exciting for me! I certainly gained a lot of experience and enjoyed every minute of it. Although, it was very difficult to miss so much school this year!

- U. S. National Championships was very strong and competitive this year and despite that you won it. What does it mean for you to be the first in your country?

- It certainly means a lot to me to have won the US Championships. I have more confidence in my ability as a skater and in my mental toughness because I was able to perform so well under the immense amount of pressure.

- And what are your thoughts about Vancouver Olympics?

- The Olympics was the best experience of my life for so many reasons. I loved every minute of it! I performed to the best of my ability and so many other skaters brought their best to the competition. I think it was one of the best events because everyone skated so well. I also had the opportunity to meet so many other people from other countries, and it was so cool knowing that every other athlete had the same drive and the same goals as I did!

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