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Interview with a figure skating judge Flora Krasnoshtein

Flora Krasnoshtein Interview by Vladislav Luchianov

Flora Krasnoshtein is a figure skating judge with Skate Canada, Central Ontario Section, qualified to judge competitive Singles and Ice Dance. Flora also judges/evaluates skating tests in all disciplines which include Ice Dance, Free Skating, Interpretive Skating and Skating Skills from Preliminary to Gold levels.

VLAD: Flora, you are Canadian, so first of all I’d like to say thank you for the Vancouver Olympics! It was really great. And what is your opinion, thoughts about it?

FLORA: Thank you Vladislav. I was very proud that Canadian athletes did well at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. In my opinion, and also based on the medal standings, this was the best Olympics for Canadians. I also enjoyed and celebrated the accomplishments of athletes from other nations. I hope that the Vancouver Olympics will be remembered fondly by participants and fans everywhere for many years to come.

- Is it difficult to be a figure skating judge?

- There is a lot of training that goes into becoming a figure skating judge at each level from Juvenile to Senior. At each level, a judge in training must demonstrate technical and artistic knowledge, be competent to judge at competitions at their current level, attend seminars, trial judge at competitions at the level at which they are seeking promotion, and write exams. All this must take place within 2-year period for each level. When all the required criteria are met, the judge is then granted a promotion and a designation to a higher level by Skate Canada.

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