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My interview for the National journal

As I promised I post my interview for the our journal “Moldavskie Vedomosti”. The name of the journal can be translated as “Moldavian News”. The original interview in Russian you can find here.
“World Figure Skating” from Bendery

column:The Person

By Vera Djemelinskaya

While all we are searching for the President of Moldova (my note:reporter are talking about our political difficulties with elections-), the world getting to know about our country with an unknown side to itself. Figure skating has never been our visit card, but it is through this sport glorifies Moldova in the world web space Benderian blogger Vladislav Luchianov.

- What is the audience of your blog?

- Since the blog in English, it found readers around the world. Most of all in the United States, Canada and Japan. This kind of sport is very popular there. Although, there are many readers from the Ukraine,Russia and other European states.

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