Blazing Blades – The best news in one place

In the world of figure skating there are a lot of different news sites. But I would like to talk about one of the best. It’s the Blazing Blades website, which leads Peter Murray.

Personally, when I want to know not only all news of figure skating, but the most important,I visit his website.
As I understand, Peter runs his website for a years. And every day he publishes all the most interesting figure skating news. When I started blogging I had to attend a variety of news resources to find materials for my articles. And I concluded that the most interesting news from around the world and in one place can be found at Blazing Blades.

This is the same as choosing a world news channel. There are NBC, BBC, ABC, Fox News, Euronews and many others. And there is the CNN, which is the best news channel for me. The Peter’s site it’s like a CNN for figure skating. I can’t imagine what an enormous amount of work makes this guy every day. But he does it just perfectly!

And he does it for everyone who loves figure skating. Simply great work! I wish Peter and his site all the best only!

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