Elena Glebova-Estonian optimism

Elena Glebova I like this lady and not just because she’s a very good skater but also because of her inexhaustible source of optimism.

Elena started figure skating at very early age and she enjoyed a lot every her travel for any competition. Figure skating for her isn’t just for performing, competing and taking places. She’s really very happy to meet her skating friends from all parts of the world.

Elena is the five time National Champion but she talk about it very modestly. The one of the most important thing for her is to be sanguine about figure skating. Elena works very hard on the ice but she never lose an optimism because of not very good results. And after the victories she’s very happy but also Elena stays focused on the next events.

These are very important character traits. Maybe it’s because Elena is from North-East of Europe where people usually with calm confidence. Who knows. But I think it’s because of her very big figure skating experience combined with true love for this sport and with the best respects to over skaters.

Elena Glebova also works with children in the skating club. I heard one story how she decided to do it. One day in the supermarket a little girl asked her:”Could you learn me to skate?” Elena was touched by that. Now she train a group of future Estonian hopefuls. I’m sure she will also teach them how to keep optimism in this sport.

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