Ksenia Makarova-The secret of success

Ksenia Makarova
I think everyone interested in a figure skating is impressed of Ksenia Makarova and her very good results in this season. Just a few months ago this lady was practically unknown in a big figure skating world. But now she is in the top list. Her skating at the Olympics and at the World Figure Skating Championships was really very good, clean in technique and very spectacular in the artistry. Her progress is very impressive.

So what’s her secret?-) Of course, the main thing, which we can say are trainings, trainings and once again trainings. And yes, I’m sure it is so. But I would like to say one more thing. Ksenia Makarova lives and trains in the United States. Her parents are Russians but they live with her in the US too. And I think that her skating style is American. It’s no secret that the US have a great figure skating traditions in a ladies skating. Ksenia adopts American methods and added to them a Russian specificity. And this combination works just perfectly for her. And I hope Ksenia will achieve the new very good results in her performances.

North American and Asian ladies skating are dominates now in the world. So I have a question. Why just a few European figure skating federations cooperate with American, Canadian or Asian professionals?

National traditions are good but if you want to improve your skating level, you have to work with people who know how to do this. Ksenia Makarova is the good example of international collaboration.

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