My interview for the National journal

As I promised I post my interview for the our journal “Moldavskie Vedomosti”. The name of the journal can be translated as “Moldavian News”. The original interview in Russian you can find here.
“World Figure Skating” from Bendery

column:The Person

By Vera Djemelinskaya

While all we are searching for the President of Moldova (my note:reporter are talking about our political difficulties with elections-), the world getting to know about our country with an unknown side to itself. Figure skating has never been our visit card, but it is through this sport glorifies Moldova in the world web space Benderian blogger Vladislav Luchianov.

- What is the audience of your blog?

- Since the blog in English, it found readers around the world. Most of all in the United States, Canada and Japan. This kind of sport is very popular there. Although, there are many readers from the Ukraine,Russia and other European states.

- Why don’t you open the Russian version of your blog?

- I think about it. My blog it’s like a hobby but I think it’s something more. At the moment I don’t have a time to run one more quality resource. 90% of all materials that I publish are mine. It takes time for their writing. For example, during the Olympic Games, World Championships, European Championships I spend about 3 or more hours for my internet edition. But time passes quickly, if there is passion for writing.

- What about the language barrier?

- My knowledge of English seems to be sufficient that the barrier would not be so noticeable. I hope so, anyway. Although, of course, when I write articles for the blog, a grammar book is near me-). I attended special courses to improve language skills. Before this I had online courses. And the most important thing is communication. Anyway, I still have a lot of work with my English.

- In the Republic of Moldova figure skating isn’t so popular kind of sport yet. Why did you decide to dedicate a blog to it?

- Well, since childhood, I consider myself as a big fan of figure skating. For me, figure skating – it is more than just sports. It is the art. This is something like a passion: when you look, there is a feeling like being in a theatre on a beautiful performance. The harmony of movement, beautiful music and many others wonderful things.

- You are not a skater – don’t you regret about it?

-  No, I don’t. It is meaningless. In our country, figure skating has not developed yet. As a child … I don’t remember that there were skating clubs.

- Could you name the approximate number of skaters with whom you somehow know?

- Probably about thirty. Basically these figure skaters are from the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Estonia, Ukraine. I have more athletes from the United States not only because I have a huge quantity of readers from this country. Just Americans are very kind,interesting,open-minded people.

- How do you find the contact with skaters for your interviews?

- I use the same journalistic methods. It depends on the specific skater and his/her free time. When I started blogging, it was not easy to do an interview. This is logical: a man unknown, a little-known resource. But after the first interview it became easier. The longer I do this, the more confidence to me and to my blog. Of course, there were also failures, but in the beginning, when the blog was still young.

- Do you correct an interview if some skater wants it?

- Yes, of course. I respect very much every skater I interviewed, so they trust me. Usually they don’t make any changes into the interview text.

-Do you have the most memorable interview you made?

- That’s difficult question-) I love all my interviews! From juniors to seniors champions. The most popular among readers in present is the interview with the Vancouver Olympics silver medalists Meryl Davis and Charlie White. Very nice people. Also the interview with the last year US National Champion Alissa Czisny and with this year bronze medalist Ashley Wagner. Italians Federica Faiella and Massimo Scali just captivated me by theirs warmth and sincerity. A remarkable interview was with the current US National Champion, US Olympic team member, participant of the World Championships Rachael Flatt. This girl is doing so much in a different charity programs: as much as many stars don’t make in a whole lifetime. And of course, I’d like to pick my first interview. It was with the five-time Estonian National Champion Elena Glebova. But I would like to repeat-all my interviews are equally important to me.

- But you are not a professional journalist?

- No, I’m not. My first speciality is medical. I’m an exercise therapy instructor. And my basic is social marketing and informational technologies. Also I try to improve my journalistic skills through online courses at the one of American universities. In my blog I try to write objectively, without giving preferences.

- Your blog came in the top blogs which writing about figure skating. How high competition is in this area?

- Thank you! Actually, there are a lot of internet resources writing about figure skating. I have no goal to be constantly in the top. But I am pleased that a leading resource for the evaluation of blogs about figure skating gave to my blog the ninth place. By the way, at the second place there is a resource that is a part of «New York Times». But in my opinion the best result for me is the credit of readers, as well as athletes with whom I communicate.

- You are doing a blog only about six months. As I heard to promote a blog so, need a year at least. Or it isn’t so?

- I really don’t know how the blog so raised in such a short time. I think if what you write is from the heart, it promotes the growth. Readers immediately feel you are sincere with them or not.

- I saw banners in your blog. Are they profitable?

- It would be nice, but it is not so yet-) On the page there are banners which are informative-the banners of skating federations. I planned to do an advertising through banners and an income from them put on the blog development. But, while this is not effective. Generally, I run my blog not for commercial purposes. Theoretically, it can earn, but only if there will be some direct advertisers.

- In addition to your own blog, you are still working on the popular English-language news portal What do you do there?

- I just edit the column of figure skating. I visited this site earlier, looking for some new ideas for my interviews. And once I saw there a form to apply for the post of editor. I fill out it, and as experience I indicated my blog. To my surprise, the answer came positive. I do not expect that my application will be considered. But this is unpaid work.

- How long do you plan to continue such a wonderful hobby?

- As long as I will have a wish to do it! And I think it won’t run out!

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