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Amanda Evora & Mark Ladwig: “Every competition this season we saw improvement in our performances”

Amanda Evora and Mark Ladwig
Interview by Vladislav Luchianov

Amanda and Mark are the silver medalists of the US National figure skating championships 2010. Before that, their best result at U.S. Championships was fourth in 2007 and 2009. They came in 10th at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games and 9th at the World figure skating championships in Torino. Also they have achieved their Personal Best at the Olympics and at Worlds this year.

VLAD: First of all thank you, Amanda and thank you, Mark for taking out the time to answer my questions!

AMANDA/MARK: Thank you too, Vladislav!

VLAD: What are your thoughts about your Olympic season?

AMANDA: I couldn’t have asked for a better Olympic season! This was our first Olympics and was far beyond anything I could have imagine it to be like. Skating our personal best at the Games was definitely extra frosting on the cake! How quickly it goes by, but I definitely felt and shared the Olympic spirit with all those around me. I loved everything that comes with the package of the Olympics The large scale of media at the event where we had the chance on going on all different TV stations, the opportunity meet athletes from all different countries and sports who now we will forever have a special bond with, and to experience warmth from the city of Vancouver and its such welcoming volunteers!

MARK: Having twice experienced the Olympics, once as a Volunteer in 2002 and now as a competitor, I have to say that being in the arena in Vancouver and getting to show what we are capable of was the best experience in my ‘on-ice’ life.

Elena Glebova-The Pearl of the Skating Sea

Elena Glebova I would like to present my new slide show.

It’s about repeated Estonian figure skating champion,

participant of the European Championships,Grand Prix,

World Championships,Olympic Games Elena Glebova.

Happy viewing!

Figure skater Czisny has been where Flatt is going

Flissa Czisny
Thanks to John Henderson from The Denver Post for his permission to publish this article

photo by Elsa,Getty Images

Rachael Flatt‘s decision to defer her Stanford education a year received a rousing endorsement from someone who knows. Alissa Czisny, who preceded Flatt’s 2010 national title with the 2009 crown, graduated from Bowling Green State last May.

For four years, Czisny trained and studied, studied and trained, while her competitors merely trained and trained and trained.

Both will skate Sunday at the Pepsi Center as part of the Smucker’s Stars on Ice exhibition. They’ll be joined by the likes of Aspen native Jeremy Abbott, the current U.S. men’s champion, and former world champion Todd Eldridge.

Czisny, 22, is the only one in the group with a college degree summa cum laude. She’s also the only one with the proper perspective on Flatt, who has never received anything but an A, taking a year off academics.

“It’s probably a smart idea, because you can always go to school,” Czisny said Friday morning from the tour’s stop in Dallas. “But there’s a point where you can no longer have a skating career.”

Logistics made it easier for Czisny. She grew up in Bowling Green and lived her first two years of college at home. She took her last two years online while training outside Detroit and doing part-time modeling.

Her Olympic dreams and modeling aspirations weren’t going to get in the way of Western Civ.
“School’s always been important for my family,” Czisny said. “That’s something they always said came first, so I grew up thinking that way. When I got offered a scholarship to Bowling Green, I took it because I couldn’t afford school and skating.”

The History Of Turandot. Part III

Metropolitan Opera House, New York Go to the Part I>
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Dramatically, Turandot is already a very strange work to classify: full to the brim with eye-catching Chinoiserie, the parameters of the storyline still seem both slim and confusing. How do we react to a plot which has a (forced?) happy ending, though which started via a mass extermination? Similarly, how do we react to eponymous “heroine” Turandot herself-sympathetic victim of circumstances, ruthless manipulator, or simply cardboard cut-out?

Caroline Zhang: “Everytime I go to a different country I think it’s my favorite”

Caroline Zhang Caroline Zhang is the 2007 World Junior champion, a two-time World Junior silver medalist (2008-09) and the 2006 Junior Grand Prix Final champion.
She earned the bronze at the 2010 Four Continents Championships . Captured the bronze at the 2009 U.S.Figure Skating Championships and took the silver at the 2007 U.S. Championships as a junior.
Caroline has won three medals in the Grand Prix Series: one silver (2007 Cup of China) and two bronzes (2008 Trophee Eric Bompard, 2007 Skate America).

VLAD: Hi Caroline and thank you for taking out the time to answer our questions!

CAROLINE: Thank you too!

- Caroline how did you decide to become a figure skater?

- I was taking ballet across the street from the ice rink, and I had already seen figure skating on TV so I wanted to try it and immediatly fell in love with it.

- What do you think about your season?

- I was very disappointed in my season I accomplished none of the goals I had set for myself, I had injuries in the summer, and I never got back on track. Next season will hopefully be a lot better.

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