Joannie Rochette’s Golden heart

Joannie Rochette
Photo by:Ottawa Heart Institute

Joannie Rochette once again has shown the world how wonderful person she is. She currently conducts a campaign, iheartmom, to raise funds for medical research that helps to overcome heart disease. Olympic figure skating bronze medalist and Canadian champion Joannie Rochette is teaming with the University of Ottawa Heart Institute to help tackle heart disease in women. Heart disease is the №1 killer of women over 55, more deadly that all cancers combined.

Some facts on heart disease in women:

• Heart disease is the №1 killer of women aged 55 or older

• Women of all ages represent 50% of heart disease deaths in Canada

• In 2005, more than 25,000 Canadian women died from heart disease

• More than one-third of women aged 45 and over have high blood pressure

• Heart disease risk in women increases with age and the onset of menopause

• Heart attack is not uncommon in women in their 30s

• Women’s heart attack symptoms can include unusual fatigue, trouble sleeping, indigestion and anxiety up to one month before a heart attack

Please help us help Joannie help moms everywhere have healthier hearts!

You can also take part in this campaign.

Watch iheartmom video

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