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Coquitlam SC – British Columbia Skating Talents Base

Interview by Vladislav Luchianov

Today’s special guest in WFS is Mr. Zdenek Pazdirek, coach and representative of the Coquitlam S.C., British Columbia, Canada. He is a former two time Czechoslovakian Senior Men’s Champion, Olympic and World competitor. He has 21 years coaching experience; is NCCP Level III Certified (working on Level IV); and has had skaters qualify to Canadians at the Senior level. Also Mr. Pazdirek designed off-ice training device ‘”Skate Spinner” which helps skaters to maximize their spins, turns, and jumps. This product is on the market last 20 years.

VLAD: Hello Mr. Pazdirek and welcome to our edition! My first question is about your competitive years. Can you think back to that period?

ZDENEK: My competitive years were 1970 – 1976 on the international level.1974 and 1975 I was Czechoslovakian Champion.In years 1970 to 1973 I was always second behind Ondrej Nepela,3 time World and Olympic Champion. I competed at European and World Championships 1970 – 76 and Olympics 1976 in Innsbruck.

- Tell us, please, about the Coquitlam Skating Club?

– Coquitlam SC is public club with variety of programs from learn to skate “Canskate” program, Early Figure Skating program designed for skaters with interest for figure skating. From there skaters progress to Junior session into private lessons. Next step is Intermediate session for skaters who passed Junior free skate test up to Pre-Novice test and most advanced in Starskate program. Skaters who passed Novice competitive test and higher are training on Senior session.
Club has strong session for adults, one Synchro team. Coquitlam SC runs Pre-Power and Power skating sessions for hockey players as well. Board of Directors (volunteers, usually parents of skaters) is running the club.

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