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Anastasiya Kononenko: “Skating is the main part of my life”

Anastasiya Kononenko
Interview by Vladislav Luchianov

Ukraine has always been famous for its skaters. Now lady’s figure skating in that country is changing and changing quite well. Our guest is the Ukrainian Bronze medalist and a very promising figure skater Anastasiya Kononenko.

VLAD: Anastasiya, thank you for taking out the time for the interview! When did you feel first time you want to become a figure skater?

ANASTASIYA: I started skating when I was 3 years old. Besides skating, I also tried a hand at swimming and ballroom dancing. Since I was so young, I couldn’t really decide what I should do, so we decided to see what I happened to be best at, and figure skating was it.

VLAD: Which skating moment was the most delightful in your childhood?

ANASTASIYA: I remember the time when I landed my first Axel when I was seven years old. The satisfied feeling of accomplishment was overwhelming.

VLAD: You are the Ukrainian Bronze medalist. Can you think back to that competition and tell us about your emotions?

ANASTASIYA: I didn’t skate my short very well at that competition, so that was disappointing. I tried to forget about it and skate my long freely, and do the best possible job that I could do. Placing was good, but winning is something I strive for all the time.

VLAD: What do you think about figure skating in your own country? When will we see the next Oksana Baiul?

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