Anton Sikharulidze can lead Russian Figure Skating Federation

Anton Sikharulidze
For this post will fight two candidates. Rival skater – double Olympic champion Oksana Grishuk.
The name of the President of the Russian Figure Skating Federation will call in Moscow on June 4. Who will succeed as head of Valentin Piseyev still remains a mystery. Chances Sikharulidze and Grischuk are identical. Anton supports the Federation of St. Petersburg.

– We liked everything in the report, the presentation of figure skating, – says an official Oleg Nilov.
– But Sikharulidze asked that we made a few additions to his statement. It was decided that St. Petersburg should fight for taking the European Figure Skating Championships or even the Worlds. Continue to develop the city Academy of figure skating.

Before the vote, each candidate will tell about personal vision of the Russian figure skating. Speaking time is limited – no more than 5-7 minutes. And then begin the election. The winner candidate must get two-thirds of majority. If none of them don’t get it in the first round , then elections will continue.

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