Happy Birthday, Alissa!

Alissa Czisny
Today is the Birthday of Alissa Czisny. And from now Alissa has her special website in Russian.
I’ve created it because I know that she has a lot of supporters in the Russian internet. Here’s a very approximately English translation of the poetry dedicated to her which you can view on the main page of the site:

“A beautiful swan floats above the ice,

Flashing of innate grace;

And every heart is burning,

Touched of a pretty beauty.

Its shape smooth flow,

Even melting the stony heart;

And the elements of music does not lie,

Not for a moment Saint-Saens is not destroyed.

Let the critics repeated about the ups and downs,

Let us leave them an inheritance of Mathematics;

They do not understand the beauty of the soaring

The inspiration that will exceed any limit!”

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