Maria Mukhortova – She’ll be back!

Maria Mukhortova In all this history with a pair of Maria Mukhortova and Maxim Trankov I really feel sorry for only one person, Maria. There were a lot of different conversations recently about them. Also, Oleg Vasiliev and Maxim Trankov have given their interviews. As you know,they have opposite opinions.

Now I understand why Maria sometimes during performances looked too nervous. Some people take it for the coldness of nature. No. This is all nerves and emotions. In interview, Maxim Trankov showed a lot of claims to the former partner. But these claims just looked not very convincingly. It was more like a complaint of the child.

Not to mention that Maxim is a man and attack a woman, especially partner is not entirely correct. I agree that Maria’s character is far from simple. But it can be understood. Constant tension of thoughts about the end of the pair and so on. Hence, Oleg Vasiliev always cheered her at the skating rink.

Maria is an excellent figure skater, with a high level of technical and artistic training. For her, the gap of the couple became a real shock. Maxim is also a good figure skater. We can only wonder how they achieved such high results being in crisis. And you can just imagine what they could achieve without these problems.

Nevertheless, Oleg Vasiliev, as promised, found her a partner- a French figure skater Jerome Blanchard. I really want to see such a beautiful figure skater as Maria Mukhortova happy. Hope with a new partner started a new life on the ice. I want to support her and wish to reach new heights in a figure skating. I’m sure that Maria and her character will achieve this.

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