Romain Gazave – Skating passion in a piano music

Romain Gazave
Today I want to tell you about the unique person. His uniqueness is that sincere passion for figure skating has inspired him to have to dedicate his music to this beautiful kind of sport. I’m talking about a wonderful pianist and composer Romain Gazave.

Very talented skater in the past now writes and performs just amazing music which he creates specially for figure skating. Honestly when I first time heard his work, I was touched to the depth of soul of his musical sincerity. From the first chords of his music is clear how much this man loves figure skating.

He has repeatedly performed in shows such as: “Art On Ice”, “Stars On Ice”, “Champions On Ice” and many other special events and TV’s Shows.

Piano music has always been considered a sign of a very good taste in choosing music for the skating performances. I am sure that those athletes who will skate for his music will do it with pleasure. Also I think it’s just an excellent material for the interesting work for choreographers.

Recently, my French colleague and a very good friend Vanessa Saksik talked with Romain. Interview in French language, which she did, you can read on her website by clicking on this link. Also, she will produce an English version soon.

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