Tara Lipinski: “Never give up on your dreams!”

Tara Lipinski Interview by Vladislav Luchianov

I think everyone knows very well my today’s legendary guest. Her achievements in a figure skating are just unbelievable. She is the youngest figure skater ever who won the Olympic Games, World Championships, US National Championships, Champions Series Final (now known as the Grand Prix Final). She is the youngest individual Gold medalist in Winter Olympic history.

She was repeatedly named as the Athlete of the Year. She has been recognized by the American Academy of Achievement and many other organizations. Also she is the youngest ever inductee into the United States Figure Skating Hall of Fame.

She does so much great things, which really help people, in her philanthropic, TV and publication works. In addition I have to say that she is very kind, open-minded, wonderful lady. I’m proud to present you the interview with Tara Lipinski.

VLAD: Hello Tara and welcome to our edition! I’m very happy to talk with one of the greatest US and World skaters. My first question is about your personal vision of a modern figure skating in compare with your competitive years.

TARA: I think that my personal vision is that it is better to try and win and if you don’t win you should not give up and try and try again.

- And what can you tell about your experience as a sporting commentator?

- I like it and enjoy it.

- How is it to be the professional figure skater? I mean you have many performances, ice shows(in the recent past), you have to travel a lot. I think it’s not easy. Isn’t it?

- It is not easy at all, it is very hard to find some time to myself and sometimes it is still hard to do that.

- US Ladies always have their own skating style which is in a very high level. Could you describe what that style is?

- My style is that I practice until I get it right and never give up.

- The United States have a lot of ice-rinks from New-York to Los Angeles. In your vision what is the motivation for American people to develop just perfectly this beautiful kind of sport?

- To practice until they get it right and to never give up.

- Tara, in your opinion, what need to do to keep a good balance between technique and artistry?

- To study and practice and to keep focused.

- Do you have your favorite place in the world?

- Los Angeles, CA. I love it so much.

- I think you don’t have a lot of free time. But how do you prefer to spend your day off?

- Shopping, hanging out with friends, doing normal stuff.

- Could you tell us a few about your next projects?

- Right now I am still trying out for acting and maybe even going back to the ice professionally soon.

- It’s no secret that many ladies are dreaming to skate like Tara Lipinski. What is your general advice for young skaters?

- For them to practice and study and keep focused on everything and to never give up on their dreams.

- Tara, thank you so much for the interview! I wish you all the best in any of your performances!

- Thanks for the interview!

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