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Polina Shelepen: “I liked everything”

Polina Shelepen

The Gold Medal of the Junior Grand Prix of figure skating in Courchevel won the Russian skater Polina Shelepen. About her emotions and how it was, figure skater said in an interview for (Our blog partners).

- Of course, I’m very glad! Before the start I had hurt my knees. But I had time for preparation. It was hard, of course, but I’ve managed it anyway. Before the start of a free program I felt a little pain but now it’s OK. I need some time for a full recovery.

Yu-Na Kim and Brian Orser: High Voltage

Yu-Na Kim and Brian Orser

by Vladislav Luchianov

Many words have been said about this conflict. The views were different – someone supports one side, someone supports other side. But we can digress a little from the high voltage of the story and try to understand that Brian Orser and Yu-Na Kim are also a usual people like we are.

ISU JGP Courchevel 2010: Ice Dance – Final Standings

ISU Junior Grand Prix Courchevel The Ice Dancers completed the first Junior Grand Prix of this year. In this kind of competitions success again accompanied the Russian figure skaters. Alexandra Stepanova / Ivan Bukin and Evgenia Kosigina / Nikolai Moroshkin took the first and the third places. The second place took the American ice dancers Anastasia Cannuscio / Colin McManus.

ISU JGP Courchevel 2010: Men – Final Standings

ISU Junior Grand Prix Courchevel A few minutes ago finished the men’s free program. A first place with a good result took a Canadian figure skater Andrei Rogozine. The second and third place was shared between US skaters Jason Brown and Max Aaron.

ISU JGP Courchevel 2010: Ladies – Final Standings

ISU Junior Grand Prix Courchevel Yesterday, in the French city of Courchevel, ladies finished their performances. Below I present the final standings. I would like to mention the excellent performances by Russian skaters in these competitions. If the first place of Polina Shelepen was predictable, the third place of Rosa Sheveleva was a pleasant surprise even for the figure skater. Also, I note that American Yasmin Siraj received the highest scores for components, which many compare with rates among adult athletes.

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