Alexei Mishin: “The decision of Evgeni Plushenko to miss the World Championships was the correct.”

Alexei Mishin

A disqualification of Evgeni Plushenko doesn’t make a big disturbance to his coach Alexei Mishin. Interview with Alexei gave without interrupting of the process of fishing.

- Alexei, who is right or wrong in this situation with removal Plushenko from the competitions?

-It does not matter who was right or wrong. The main thing is that we need to do something. It should be good to train and accomplish volumes. We must not lose his presence of mind and believe in luck. Evgeni set a clear goal: to establish a unique record, having won medals at four consecutive Olympics. We are not staying in one place. At the moment he’s preparing for the execution of a new jump in his program – a quadruple Salchow. And Evgeni will be fully ready to do it.

- Yes, but ISU officials are not ready to allow him to participate in competitions.

- My goal as a coach is to create an appropriate atmosphere for Plushenko in trainings, so that he can grow and progress as an athlete. Everything else – matters not to me.

- Do you admit the probability that one of the reasons for dismissal Plushenko was the settling of personal accounts? I mean his criticism after the Olympics to the leadership of the Russian figure skating federation?

- Ask this question to them and then tell me what they responded. But I don’t think that there has been essential settling of accounts.

- Why Evgeni nevertheless decided to perform on a show and refused to participate in the March World Championships?

- After the Olympics Evgeni had a sick leg. He could not perform a quadruple jump, although he could do all others elements. I’m absolutely convinced that without the quadruple jumps the men’s figure skating is unthinkable. We couldn’t afford to go to the World Championships without a quadruple jump. I still believe that the decision to miss the World Championships was the correct.

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