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The National Eating Disorders Association

The American National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) asked me to inform you about a new educational toolkit aimed at coaches and trainers. Many thanks to them for that!

This toolkit also can be very interesting and helpful to every skater because of the competitiveness of figure skating and because some figure skaters in the past have had eating disorders.

The toolkit was created specifically to educate and raise awareness with gyms, athletic programs and athletic departments across the nation, this will expand NEDA’s library of toolkits and will support NEDA’s “It’s Time to Talk About It” campaign. Created as a resource for athletic directors and their staff, this toolkit will inform them about the facts behind eating disorders, as well as help them identify those affected specifically within a gym or athletic setting. It is also written as a guide to possible treatments and is being funded by the Gymtime Foundation.

The Toolkit includes points from college coaches. Assistant Coach for the Rowing Team at Indiana University, Joshua Adam, discusses his experience with students he has coached having eating disorders, how he approached them, and his advice to other coaches.

You can download this toolkit for free by clicking on this link.

I wish you good health!

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