Figure skater needs your help!

Irina Vorobieva and Igor Lisovsky
A fate is often very cruel to the athletes – to those who just yesterday were the idol of millions, to whom applauded the stadium, about whom wrote the newspapers, who appeared on TV, who won medals for the country and after retiring from the sport remains with their problems alone. They aren’t interesting to the government more, because they no longer win the medals; they aren’t interesting to the audience, because there are new, young heroes. Today is another great athlete, who admired the World audience, which brought many awards, needs help!

Irina Vorobieva
, the World figure skating champion of 1981 in a pair with Igor Lisovsky, two months ago, suffered a second difficult operation on her left knee in St. Petersburg but the knee injury has not been cured. Previously left knee of the skater was repeatedly operated.

Contrary to expectations, the rehabilitation period was delayed. Irina arrived from the U.S., where she is the coach at the Olympic Center of Colorado for 17 years. Until now, doctors managed to cope with postoperative inflammation, but the leg atrophied, requires prolonged treatment, with unpredictable results and not very good prospects.
To date, Irina has exhausted all the means that accumulated specifically for this operation.

She can’t independently move around the city, she requires daily procedures and a treatment in different hospitals. The doctors forbade her to step on the injured leg, she can’t work as the coach, and she is in despair with no hope of improvement and no means for further treatment. Diagnoses leads Irina in depression, his hands dropped, she was completely exhausted mentally and physically.

If you have any opportunity to help Irina Vorobieva (transportation, money, or ask a professional for help) please, help the woman who gave her youth, health and passion for figure skating!

Account in Euros to help Irina:


Account with institution: SBERBANK (Severo-Zapadny head Office) St.Petersburg, Russia

To beneficiary account: 42307 978 6 5507 1000255

In favour or beneficiary customer: Irina Nicholaevna Vorobieva

address: Russia, St.Petersburg, 197183, Dibunovskaya st., 37-393

The victorious performance by Irina Vorobieva and Igor Lisovsky at the 1981 World Championships in Hartford, Connecticut, USA.

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