Junior Grand Prix 2010 – Advices from Seniors

ISU Junior Grand Prix Just a few days we have before the start of the Junior Grand Prix 2010. I’m sure that this season will be very interesting in those events. I’d like to wish all the best to every skater who will compete there. Skate as well as your heart wants it. Good luck! And now here are some wishes from the Senior skaters (from my interviews with them).

What is your general advice for young skaters?

Tara Lipinski (Olympic Champion 1998): “For them to practice and study and keep focused on everything and to never give up on their dreams.”

Rachael Flatt (US National Champion 2010): “Work as hard as you possibly can, and then push yourself a little bit more. Follow your dreams, and have fun!”

Caroline Zhang (World Junior Champion 2007): “Some advice I would give a skater that just started their competitive career is to work hard, have fun, and just remember how much you love skating!”

Valentina Marchei (Italian National Champion 2010): “Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, and never, never, never give up. Sport is not all about medals and titles, it is an experience of life.”

Hugo Chouinard (former Canadian National Team member, musical designer): “Skate to a music that grabs your heart. You must love it!”

Zdenek Pazdirek (Czechoslovakian National Champion 1974-75, skating coach): “Do it because you love it!!!”

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