Polina Shelepen: “I liked everything”

Polina Shelepen

The Gold Medal of the Junior Grand Prix of figure skating in Courchevel won the Russian skater Polina Shelepen. About her emotions and how it was, figure skater said in an interview for FSkate.ru (Our blog partners).

- Of course, I’m very glad! Before the start I had hurt my knees. But I had time for preparation. It was hard, of course, but I’ve managed it anyway. Before the start of a free program I felt a little pain but now it’s OK. I need some time for a full recovery.

-Are you nervous because of your second place?

- No, I am not. Basically, I knew that after the short program I can beat my competitors. Also I’m not worried, because I used to skate in the last warm-up group.

-What about your skating mistakes?

- In a short program, of course, I could make a cascade of 3 +3, but I didn’t succeed. But I fully satisfied of my free skate!

- After two gold medals at last year’s Grand Prix how do you motivate yourself?

- Now I seek the same result and, of course, the victory in the Grand Prix final is one of my main goals as I was the second in the past year. There will be also the Junior World Championships where need to be selected and to improve the results.

-It was your first time you competed in France. Is there anything you liked?

- We were high in the mountains. There are very beautiful and memorable views. Everything was very good!

- Compared with last season in Courchevel was heavily updated list of skaters.

- Yes, it was a lot of debutantes, including one of French ladies. We even became friends with her.

-Do you know where will you perform on the next Grand Prix competition?

-Yes, it will be in Czech Republic.

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