Yu-Na Kim and Brian Orser: High Voltage

Yu-Na Kim and Brian Orser

by Vladislav Luchianov

Many words have been said about this conflict. The views were different – someone supports one side, someone supports other side. But we can digress a little from the high voltage of the story and try to understand that Brian Orser and Yu-Na Kim are also a usual people like we are.

No doubt that many have spent a lot of nerves defending some side of the conflict. Yes, Brian Orser is one of the greatest coaches in the world. Yes, Yu-Na Kim is a great skater. But above all they are people and they, like us, can demonstrate manifestations of different emotions. Ask yourself: Do ordinary people not leave sometimes so emotionally? There are thousands of those situations daily. Did you have ever a conflict with someone at work, home, transport, etc.? I think the answer is also yes. And how about the fact that sometimes we make quick decisions and just put everyone in the know about it. I’m sure that if it’s good to think, then it was in your life.

The thing is that we are inherently emotional. And that’s normal. Another thing is that sometimes it’s better to keep our emotions under the control. But unfortunately this does not always work, especially among young people. So what do we want from famous people?! For them it’s even harder to show their emotions, because they are under the constant attention. Sometimes this attention is excessive. And this is just more glows a situation.

If we talk about Yu-Na Kim’s mom, this story becomes to more strange. I don’t think there is a big difference between the ordinary mums and mums of skaters. All of them are equally in a strong love of their daughters. But sometimes excessive care is to ensure that the child can’t always make a fully independent decision. That’s the problem. Imagine that you go to school with your daughter, or visit the college with her every day, or go to her work to clarify the relationship with her boss. I can’t imagine that such a mother there.

One of the reasons of my sincere love for the U.S.A. is an adherence to such a great value as the Independence. Now I don’t mean the state independence, I mean the individual independence. American people at an early age teach their children to make independent decisions. And this, in my opinion, is absolutely correct, as it leads to the development of personality.

In the U.S., probably more than in other countries, the development of women’s independence is on a very high level. In this country many women have made an impact far greater than men. I will not list many names. Take for example, a well-known around the world politicians like Condoleezza Rice, Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton. Read their biographies and you’ll understand how important independence in making decisions is.

I’m sure that Brian Orser would create many more great stars of figure skating. I would also like to wish him to forget all negative moments of that story. Especially since he has a lot of other students. Also I’m sure that Yu-Na Kim will find her new way. Let the voltage of the story will disappear.

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