Daily Archives: 5 September 2010

Maxim Trankov: "Mukhortova/Blanchard will be the most beautiful Russian pair"

According to Russian media, the medalist of the European Championships Maxim Trankov told in a little interview about his new partner, Tatiana Volosozhar and about a pair of Maria Mukhortova and Jerome Blanchard. Also he told a few about his new goals for the near future.

“With Maria, I traveled a long way in my life and I don’t regret about anything. The decision to skate with Tatiana Volosozhar was taken a long time ago, I had to weigh everything and I thought a lot about the situation. A year ago I already decided that the Olympics in Vancouver will be our last tournament with Mukhortova . In principle, I planned to finish my career as a skater, but the only thing that could hold me in sport it’s the desire of Volosozhar to skate with me.

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