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Alissa Czisny: “My goal is to be a better skater than I’ve ever been before!”

Interview by Vladislav Luchianov

photo: Alissa Czisny official website

When this skater performs on the ice, I do understand that the beauty will save the world.
The beauty of each movement, the beauty of a very kind heart, the beauty of a wonderful soul.
I am very pleased and proud to talk once again with Alissa Czisny.

Alissa is the US National Champion 2009, US National Bronze medalist 2007, US Junior Silver medalist 2001. She is a winner of several medals at the Grand Prix: Gold in 2005 (Skate Canada), Silver in 2005 (Skate America), Bronze in 2008 (Skate Canada), Silver in 2009 (Skate Canada). She is one of the famous participants of the show “Stars on Ice”.

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