Alissa Czisny: “My goal is to be a better skater than I’ve ever been before!”

Interview by Vladislav Luchianov

photo: Alissa Czisny official website

When this skater performs on the ice, I do understand that the beauty will save the world.
The beauty of each movement, the beauty of a very kind heart, the beauty of a wonderful soul.
I am very pleased and proud to talk once again with Alissa Czisny.

Alissa is the US National Champion 2009, US National Bronze medalist 2007, US Junior Silver medalist 2001. She is a winner of several medals at the Grand Prix: Gold in 2005 (Skate Canada), Silver in 2005 (Skate America), Bronze in 2008 (Skate Canada), Silver in 2009 (Skate Canada). She is one of the famous participants of the show “Stars on Ice”.

VLAD: Hi Alissa! I’m so glad to talk to you again!
Have you had a good rest this summer? 

ALISSA: I’ve had an enjoyable summer so far, although it hasn’t been too restful, besides a week vacation early in the summer. I’ve been very busy working hard, trying to learn everything my new coaches have been teaching me. I have so much to improve in order to become a better skater!

- Well, the new season is on the doorstep. Could you tell us about your summers’ preparation?

– Early this summer, after returned from the Stars on Ice tour, I worked with my new coaches on my jump technique. They have been so extremely helpful and patient with me, and I try to implement all the changes in my jump technique. Since then, we have covered just about every aspect of my skating, working to improve and perfect each portion, and we are now working on my new programs, as well.

– Is there something that has changed in your skating life?

– Yes, I began working with new coaches, beginning in March!

- Tell us, please, a few words about your new head coach.

- Yuka Sato is now my new head coach, and she co-coaches me with her husband Jason Dungjen. They both have so much information to offer, and both of them are very experienced in competing, as well as in coaching. I am thoroughly excited to be working with them, and I am honored that they have agreed to help me to reach my skating goals.

- As far as I know this summer you participated in various skating shows. Which of them was the most memorable? And why?

– For me, the most memorable of the shows that I’ve participated in this spring/summer was the Stars on Ice tour. Being on tour was one of the best times of my life! I had fun performing for the audiences, skating with the talented skaters, traveling from city to city, and learning from each experience!

- Alissa, you are one of the most graceful skaters in the world. It’s not only my opinion. My readers and the readers of your Russian version supporters’ site have the same opinion. Do you include the ballet classes to your trainings?

– Thank you very much! That is very kind of you! I do include ballet classes in my training (twice per week), and I think that ballet training has played a very important role in helping me to become graceful on the ice. I’ve been taking ballet classes for a long time, since I was young, and I still enjoy taking ballet classes!

- Could you tell me about your new programs?

– This year, my coaches and I decided to use different choreographers for my competition programs. My short program was choreographed by Renee Roca; the music is a lesser-known violin concerto – beautiful, elegant music! My long program was choreographed by Pasquale Camerlengo, and it is set to piano music by George Winston. I love both of the programs, and I’m excited to debut them at my first Grand Prix competition in Canada!

- This season at the Grand Prix you will compete in Canada and France. Are you happy with the sortition?

- I was happy with the Grand Prix competitions that I received this season. I always love competing in Canada, and this year the competition will be held not too far from my training town (a short journey by plane). And this will be the first year that I will compete at the Trophee Eric Bombard. Since I’ve never been to Paris, I’m extremely excited to compete at that competition!

- What are your main goals for this season?

– My first and foremost goal for this season is to learn and apply everything that my new coaches have been and will be teaching me. I feel that my skating has already improved immensely, and I feel that I have a lot more improvement in my skating this year. I aim to implement these improvements in my competitions this season, and my goal is to be a better skater than I’ve ever been before!

- Alissa, what is your advice to young skaters?

– My advice to young skaters would be this: most importantly, try to be the best skater that you can be; don’t try to compare yourself to others – although you can learn by watching and observing other skaters, you cannot control how other people will skate – but you can give your best effort every time and you will be successful if you have done your best! Also, while it is important to work hard and give your best effort, it is also important to have fun while doing it!

- Alissa, thank you so much for the interview! Thank you for being always such a pleasant and a very good person! Best of luck to you!

- Thank you, Vlad! I am more than happy to do a new interview with you! And I want to thank you again for your continued support. I am extremely grateful for your kind comments and for your encouragement!!!

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